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     Personal Message From: Cindy Battye


     With a Message For You, My (soon to be set up for life) Friend,

I still can't believe I am here, sitting in my home, writing this to you!

Just a couple of years ago I was an Aussie mum (mom for you people from the US), juggling home duties, university studies and, well... the multitude of things that go along with being a mum, wife and general all-round busy person.

Life was seriously insane - my children were 3 and 5 years of age, my husband was studying theology - and I was a full time student teacher - stressed to the eyeballs dealing with classrooms of 30+ ten year old children and then coming home to the worries of making mince meat and two minute noodles try to look like something that would appeal to a 3 year old! (For the FIFTH time that week...)

Seriously... I still vividly remember the days when my husband and I would pull the couch apart to see if we could find change to buy some bread... (gosh... how embarrassing!!!)

And THEN I found my "shovel"... in the space of 2 short years I was able to set up and more importantly replicate money making membership sites (and in turn MULTIPLY my income), in what I call my own personal internet gold rush.

I am - even now, sitting here in wonder at how much of a turnaround my life has taken.

Gone are the days of multiple 'scrounge for bread money' incidences.... now - I am a 6 figure earner - fully self employed - world traveller!

And in just a few minutes I will hand you your shovel and tell you exactly where and how you can start your own membership gold rush.

On a side note...  Want to know where I came up with the idea to share this information with you?

That is ME there on the left... at one of the nights that we spent partying on a CARIBBEAN CRUISE!!!

When I began the journey towards becoming self employed I really did know nobody online.  WOW has that changed!  In January of 2009 I was able to spend 8 amazing nights on a cruise ship in the Caribbean - and literally 'live' with people like Mike Filsaime, Donna Fox, Soren Jordansen, Robert Puddy, Anik Singal, Bob Jenkins, Simon Leung, Million Dollar Mike... and well... the list goes on!

The idea behind the content that you are about to access actually came to me as I was sitting on a beach on a wonderful island called St Kitts... Have you ever had one of those moments?  Where life couldn't get more bliss?  The second picture there is one of me after one of the locals had just finished giving me a foot massage, with local grown aloe leaves...

So... my idea?  To share with YOU the process that you can follow, so that you can be sitting there with me next year - receiving massages, while people are making payments every month - whether you are in front of the computer or not... directly to your bank account!

P.S. That picture is now my computer desktop background by the way.. so I can always remember that feeling of total indulgence...

Gold Rushes? Shovels? Membership Websites? Your Financial Independence!

If you are scratching your head wondering where I am going with this - let me take a step or two back... well... what about WAY back then, to the year 1847!  Let me introduce you to a fella who has become my inspiration!

Sam BrannanTalk about an entrepreneurial spirit! Sam Brannan owned a local store in Sutter's Creek, which turned out to be THE hotspot of one of the world's most famous gold rushes.  Sam had heard the rumours, checked it out - seen it was the real thing - and acted. 

What did he do?  While the town was starting to build a little buzz... he went around San Francisco - and bought up ALL the shovels he could find. 

Soon enough, the town was getting gold fever... which spread further... especially when he decided to run through the town, holding a bottle - filled with gold dust, shouting at the top of his lungs,

"Gold! Gold! Gold From American river!"

So... people are seeing the evidence and going crazy with the excitement - YES!  The gold is real!  YES!  Anyone can strike it rich!  YES! All I need is a shovel!

And...guess who had all the shovels?

And... guess who became San Francisco's first millionaire?  

That single stroke of genius, for Sam Brannan, to have looked at the market from a different point of view - became the single determining factor in his success.

He could have looked at the masses of people climbing over themselves to get to the gold and joined the mob - but instead, thought, "something is really happening here... what do these people need - and how can I sell it to them?"

Membership Gold Rush will show you the process that I have personally used to fully harness the power of Sam Brannan's strategy.  It is not rocket science - just a shift in the way that you have been told to think! 

Why have I shared this story with you?

I Want To Encourage You To...
STOP Chasing For The Gold!  Become A POWER Shovel Seller!"

Let's take a bit of a look at what I mean... in a moment you will see just how this change in mindset can drastically impact your business - you can start thinking like Sam and cashing in on the information gold rush!

The Broader Topic Narrowing Down Your Target Niche Your Goldmining Shovel!
Dogs Puppy Training How To  Train Your Puppy
Forex Forex Tips How You Can Choose The Best Products To Back.
Pests Ant Infestations How To Get Rid Of Ants
Gambling Texas Hold'em Poker How You Can Use Strategy To Win A Poker Game
Fishing Fly Fishing How To Catch Fish, Fly Fishing
Handmade Hobbies Potato Guns How To Shoot A Spud 300 Yards (Russell Brunson Cashed In On This One)

BUT... the gold goes MUCH deeper.  You see... once you have developed your idea, found your niche, obtained your unique selling spot on the internet - THEN you can start to build it.

Membership Gold Rush will show you the exact ways that you can turn whatever you are doing, it might be blogs, forums, information ebooks, reports - whatever - and make it start earning long term residual income for you.

AND - if you haven't been able to find that niche, or are looking for a way to expand on the products that you already own (but are out of ideas...)  - don't stress!  I will even take you through the exact process that I use, to determine the topic, the industry's need for it - and marketplace value!

So... what will I show you throughout the course?  Here is a run-down of everything you will receive instantly - as soon as you  make your purchase:

Module One
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

Here's Just A Small Sample Of Things
You'll Discover In Module One...

  • Did you know there are FIVE different types of membership websites?  I will describe each of these to you, showing the strategies that people using these sites employ.

  • Uncover not only what YOUR perfect fit is, so that you can make an informed decision about the type of membership site that you choose to produce.

  • Get your firm idea on exactly what a membership website is and how you can (and should) turn ANY idea that you have into a solid membership website.


Module Two
Selecting Your Profitable Niche

What is in Module Two?

  • Exactly how  you can find your needle in a haystack?   Not only FIND it - but also make sure that it's going to be targeted enough to make you money -AND have an audience that actually wants to pay you money for your service/product...

  • This module will walk you through the process, showing you the free to use resources that I use.  Showing you how I can test that a market is open and ready to be tapped - and ripe for the picking!  Forget the strategy of finding a topic you are interested in - find the ones that make money... Am pretty sure you will be interested in any topic that earns you cash!

  • If you can follow instructions and copy and paste url's into a web browser - you can use this system

    You don't need to be creative, clever or spend a lot of money.  Choosing your niche does not have to cost you a cent - and the process is so simple that it seriously is child's play to find targeted, profitable niches for you... and you are able to get started today!

Heard Enough? Ready to order?  Click Here To Get Started Right Now!


"I am excited about my new membership site..."

When I buy something new on the Internet that just comes out I am a little hesitant not knowing what I will get. I went ahead and bought Membership Gold Rush since I trust Cindy Battye and I was more than pleased.

Most people go in a house and enjoy them but have no idea how to put one together. They is the way I was with a membership site. I used them all the time and knew they were a good profit center but did not know how to put one together.

Membership Gold Rush showed me in step by step training modules how to put the foundation, walls, roof and everything else on my Membership site. It explained everything I need including comparing different scripts that are available so that I started building a membership site before I was through all the modules.

With the training in Membership Gold Rush I am excited about my new
membership site and I know it will make money for me and if I hit a bump I
know where to go for answers.

Bo Tipton - The Ornery Marketer


Module Three
Choosing A Rock Solid Foundation

Are you building a business -
or a hobby?
  • I will show you precisely what it is that separates the hobby websites (ie. just for fun - not intending to make money) from the business websites. 

  • It's found in the 7 key elements that take NO extra effort on your behalf - but are essential to implement before you even THINK about getting started.


 Membership sites allow you to
receive income in multiple ways - in
fact, there are 14 ways that you can
get paid when you create your own
membership site. 

How many ways are you getting paid
with your online ventures right now?

Module Four
Monetizing Your Membership Site

Having an automated system that generates a month to month income is not out of your reach. 
  • Getting 100 new signups to a free to join program a month - is SOOO easy, using the automatic processes that I will show you - you can expect to make sales from around 5-10% (general industry standard) - resulting in around $1000 for you - every month!

  • If you set this up as a monthly subscription site (as I will show you how), you can compound this figure every month that these people stay subscribed to your service!

Did You Know...

  • There are multiple ways to monetize your membership site?  I will show you my 14 favourite and most profitable strategies.

  • The majority of these techniques, once set up - are completely automated. 

  • You don't need to know code, learn tricky 'cross your eyes, poke out your tongue' methods - and if there are any things that you will need to learn, I will show you the easy way to master these things... it's not about working harder... it's about using the tools around you to work smarter.

  • Once you have mastered the methods to creating your first site - you can duplicate this system over, and over again!


Module Five
Delving Deeper: The Case Studies...

Get instant access to interviews by successful membership site owners, such as Simon Hodgkinson, Jeff Dedrick, Calvin Woon, Liz Tomey, Chris Zavodowski and Robert Puddy who have all given their unique perspective on the following areas of membership website creation and implementation of a membership site business model - showing you exactly how they do it, and how you can too!

Module Five Is Chock Full Of Straightforward - Easy To Apply Tips, from 8 Highly Respected Owners Who Are Drawing Multiple Income Streams Directly From Their Membership Sites, Providing You The Tools To Copy Their Strategies - So That YOU Benefit!

I have handpicked each of these people, because of their success with member based websites - and am excited to share their knowledge with you. Here are some of the things they will cover:

  1. Exactly how you can use the same system that they have used t0 use build their businesses.

  2. The major benefits that they can show you, in using this system - and how they have incorporated it into their sites - and overall business model.  AND more to the point... how you can emulate the same!

  3. How you can drive traffic, using their easy to apply and maintain strategies - exploding your members numbers with virtually zero prior knowledge.

  4. Their proven sales processes - how/why they work - and what would work best for the niche that you choose.

  5. Their business plans, by using membership sites.  You will see exactly how they use membership sites to increase their numbers, and how they incorporate multiple sites (bringing with it multiple income streams) - and how that applies to you.

  6. And then, they share their best and most effective tip that they would like to share with people planning on creating their own membership websites. 

Get Instant Access To These Amazing Case Studies
Click Here To Get Started Right Now!


"If you are to only buy *one product* for building your membership site...make it this one...."

I purchased Membership Gold Rush with a bit of apprehension. I own at least a dozen "membership" products. Everything from a $2000 course to several rehash e-books that weren't worth the download time. Also 2 online courses on how to set up a membership site.

After considering everything from a few hundred page manual with a handful of CD's to a bunch of fluff and waste of time, I must say that if I would have purchased Membership Gold Rush as my first product, I would have everything I would need to start a membership site and be making cash in less than 30 days.

That of course being dependant upon *myself* taking action. I found all the info I needed there and a list of resources and examples to go by. If you are to only buy *one product* for building your membership site...make it this one.

Peter Soos



Module Six
MUST USE, Killer Presentation Tips

In Module Six, I will show you the easy actions that you can take, so that your site take that leap from average to the absolutely spectacular!

By the end of this module you will know how to:

  • Know the key aspects to creating a website that your members will love to be spending their time at - day after day, turning your website into a sticky hub of activity.

  • Reproduce the same irresistible tricks that I use to draw people into spending more money - and telling their friends about my site.

  • Learn the way to communicate with your designers to get exactly what you want - every time.  Convert the image of the website in your head to something that comes to life.  Sounds easy?  Try it without these tips! I dare ya!



Module Seven
Preparing For Blast Off!
Contributed by Soren Jordansen

"I'm still a bit stunned by what she actually got me to reveal... I'm giving you my entire blue print for joint venture, integration marketing and how to use that for massive product launch success."

By Soren Jordansen

Hey, Soren here!

I managed to claw my way on to this page with an important message for you.

Cindy twisted my arm (actually felt more like ripping it out of the socket), and she got me to write this entire module for YOU!.

I'm still a bit stunned by what she actually got me to reveal... I'm giving you my entire blue print for joint venture, integration marketing and how to use that for massive product launch success.

To be honest this module is a product in it's own right - and if I had to sell it, I would never let it go for what Cindy is charging for this ENTIRE package.

I think she is a bit crazy, but lucky for you she didn't listen to my advice. I highly recommend that you grab the full course today, while the price is still so ridiculously low - I can certainly guarantee that you will never see my module at this low price, ever again!

OK - It's Cindy back here again - I have managed to take control of my page again -  and wanted to share the honest truth...

I did not almost break Soren's arm... I just had to buy him a couple of beers - which, by the way... now I am spilling the beans, is one of his strategies for massive launch success.  (The rest don't involve alcohol - and are actually quite clever, no he did not pay me to say that...)

So!  If you are curious - here is what people are saying about Soren Jordansen.

"If anyone follows the advice in your module they will have a business...
and then they can rinse and repeat.

The rinse & repeat part becomes easier too - as they will have a head
start on each subsequent product or site - due to having established
relationships with the people on their lists and other marketers!"



Module Eight
Affiliate Management - How to Build Your Sales Army
Contributed by Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson is the owner of the UK based publishing company Hodgkinson Publishing Ltd, he is also a Partner & Director of US based Power House Technology, LLC and MemberSpeed, Inc.

Simon caught the "Internet bug" back in 2000 and "career-shifted" from offline sales and marketing into full time online publishing in 2004... During his career he has sold over $14 Million Dollars worth of products and services. (That includes the groundbreaking "Marketing Main Event" series of membership sites, created with business partner Jeremy Gislason, that have now generated more than $3 Million in digital membership related sales)

Simon will give you a unique look into exactly how you can build an eager, motivated team of super affiliates who will be falling over themselves to promote your membership websites.

If you've read other reports and courses on affiliate marketing, then you know that most experts teach you how to attract affiliates.... but you're left a bit unsure of what to do after that.

So, in addition to quickly reviewing the key concepts (such as where to find affiliates), inside this module you'll also discover:

  • How to approach "cold" affiliates.

  • Where to advertise your affiliate programs, so affiliates find you.

  • How to find and hire and affiliate manager or broker

  • how to keep your affiliates promoting long after the launch day is over


Indeed, that last point - how to keep affiliates motivated and promoting your products - is what will separate your affiliate program from the average and under-performing affiliate programs in your niche.

And it will also make the difference of several thousand dollars in your pocket in this year alone!


Module Nine
Generating A Sticky Buzz
Contributed By Dean Hunt

Dean Hunt

Dean Hunt is THE man that people turn to when they need advice about buzz marketing.

He is the creator of the infamous "killer bunnies" - and recently signed a one million dollar personal branding contract with (as yet) an un-named party. He will turn your preconceived ideas about marketing upside down, pushing the boundaries of any boxes you are game enough to throw at him.

    Did you know that the average 21 year old today has spent 10,000 hours playing video games? Also, they have sent/received an average of 250,000 emails and instant messages.

    In fact, the number of text messages sent in a single day, exceeds the population of the entire planet.

    It is also estimated that a week's worth of New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in an entire lifetime in the 18th century.

    Please count the "Fs" in the following piece of text.


    If you answer was 3 or 4 then you are wrong, go back and try again (answer below)

    Yes, there is no doubt about it, we are well and truly in the attention age, our attention is being poked, prodded and flicked from all angles, one man is going to lead us kicking and screaming through this battle... nay... this war.

    In this module I will take you through a 7 day course - showing you how you can generate limitless traffic by grabbing your reader's attention, in ways you never imagined possible.

    Dean Hunt

    PS: There are 6 "Fs", not 3 and not 4. But most native English speakers will simply glance past them, and in some cases will simply not be able to see them at all.



 $1.65 BILLION
That is the purchase price that Google
paid for YouTube!

YouTube is just ONE of the websites
that uses a membership site system.
Wouldn't you like a piece of THAT pie!

Module Ten
Getting Out While The Going Is Good!

Buying and selling offline businesses is a very profitable way to generate some HUGE cash... but with massive financial outlay.  Let me show you how you can do a similar thing, with online businesses - at a FRACTION of the price.

  • Discover how you can set your site up from the get-go, putting in place the key processes so that you can just basically 'hand the keys over' in exchange for cash!

  • Find out exactly when to keep it - and when it's time to stop, drop and roll...

  • I will hand you the actual resources that you need to flip sites easily, quickly and profitably.  The sites you need to visit, people you should know etc,

  • And, of course... more!


Module Eleven
Look Ma! No Hands!

"Automate and Outsource your way to a hands-free income solution, leaving you free to either replicate this system - or just kick back, and enjoy this new-found freedom."

I will hand you the tools, tricks and resources that I use, to be able to create a site - and then just watch it to grow... 

Here are just some of the things you will discover:

  • The 10 steps involved in creating an automated membership site system. Four of these you will have already done by the time you are reading this module - the rest, I will show you how to easily do them yourself - or show you resources to allow you to outsource them!  Every part of the process is covered.  Just choose the parts that you want to do - and then use (oh my gosh.. cheap) outsourcing resources to do the rest!


"I made over $100K..."

2008 was my first year at home full time. In that year I made over $100K due to owning membership sites.

Cindy's course will take out all the guess work and give you a step by step blueprint to follow so you won't have to learn the hard way like I did.

Frank Salinas


Module Twelve
Bonus Module!

Top Secret...

  • This module is so powerful I can't reveal the content before you get into the members area...

  • But you will get instant access to my personal rolodex of internet marketing and membership site resources.

  • Including bonus material, free memberships, niche suggestion ideas and much more...



Let me show how you can generate multiple avenues of AUTOPILOT income... so that you can follow in the footsteps of the real internet millionaires Membership sites are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to making money online.

If you have tried promoting other people's products, building your own blogs, or niche websites - and are sick of not earning the money that you should - considering the amount of time you have invested... then you really can't go past this training course Making the transition from blog and niche sites - to actually owning your very own membership sites is phenomenal.

And with Membership Gold Rush nothing is left to chance I will guide you through every aspect, from concept to creation - from monetization to automation...

My Life as a Membership Site Owner:

What do you want to accomplish? For me - it was being able to now send my children to the school I want. It's having the chance for my husband and I to travel and see incredible places, like Tahiti and New York City... It's being able to run my business on 10 minutes a day - still knowing that it's going to keep bringing in money, month after month. For me... it's also knowing that I can continue to duplicate this system MANY times over - and create a whole new income stream each and every time I do it.

For me - it's the smile I get, when I login - while generally still in my PJ's - and see that I have earned money last night... the whole "internet running 24/7" thing is a joy that never gets old!

Your Life as an Online Entrepreneur:

I'll ask you again, "What do you want to accomplish?" Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities that are being handed to you? Or are you just leaving money on the table?

By using this membership site model
you can automate 90% of the tasks -
and pretty much outsource the rest...

Don't let fear of failure hold you back,
when I have removed ALL of the
challenges for you!
I will show you the resources to allow
you to create a site - even if you know
nothing about the internet!

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Only for today - if you purchase the Money-Making Memberships guide, you will receive 3 FREE BONUSES - a $197 value, but you pay NOTHING!  Check out the amazing products you get for FREE with your purchase...

First Bonus Report!
"Dirty Marketing Playbook - Dirty Tactics You'll Need!"

Are Your Marketing Efforts Going Nowhere?

How The Big Boys Make The Big Money Playing Dirty!


Uncover The Tactics & Learn How You Can:

- Find out why not listing your products price is a major step in the right direction  
 Make anyone buy anything with a tried and true trick  
 Turn a visitor into a customer in three simple steps
 Know when trash talking is the right thing to do and being polite won't work
Discover a dirty but legal way to get other people to sell your stuff for you
 Find out how a simple count down will have you counting zero's in your bank account    
Use the coveted "WIIFM" tactic that you too can use just like the big guys
 Create a controversy at the drop of a hat with 100% guaranteed success 
 See The minor factors that will have a major impact on your marketing profits
 Shock your customers into buying whatever it is you're selling
And a lot more!



Second Bonus Report!
"Maximum Conversion - Sales Page Strategies"

Everything is "right" but your still not rich?

Maximizing Your Conversions Just Got A Whole Lot Easier !  


You Will Find The Secret Strategies To:

- Getting attention, and why it is not the reason all headlines and sublines are in Red
 The simple way to "reel 'em in" and "make 'em pay" all from your writing  
 Learn how proper testimonial writing skills can make or break your marketing
Find out that telling people how good your product is won't work any more
Turn the most boring subject into a cash generating phenomenon
 Discover the real and right way to leave your visitors in suspense forcing them to buy  
- Find out how the big boys warp words and embellish claims and how you can too
 Crafting the perfect highlights that will really make you stand out from the crowd - Shocking your visitors into buying with a few simple words
 Uncover why countdowns are a thing of the past and how to move towards the future
And a lot more!



*NEW!* Third Bonus Report!
"The Lasting Launch, by JP Schoeffel"

JP Shows You:

"How to maintain and develop your membership site over the years without having to close it down 3 months after your launch..."

Who is Jean-Philippe Schoeffel?

AKA 'Niche Wizard' - Founder of Innovative Marketing Solutions LLC

JP Schoeffel started working as a strategic and marketing business consultant and then also as a coach for marketing and sales executives. This is how he trained himself in marketing and how he tested tons of things in a lot of companies. Eventually he worked for some online companies and he learned how to convert his offline marketing skills into online marketing expertise

JP did that for 8 years, 2 years of which he moved to manage a Market research and consulting company...until August 2005 when he decided to become independent. From then on, he has focused on what his main marketing skills are: "niche marketing".

During the last 2 years, JP has developed newsletters, memberships, info products, services and scripts, all related to niche marketing and traffic generation. His sites receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every month.

What Will You Learn In This Module?
-  You will learn the powerful difference between offering a service for $17 a month - and $147, and what you need to do to own one of the $147 a month membership websites... (Or, in JP's case - $297 a month - PER SUBSCRIBED MEMBER, with his latest website)
JP will unveil what you have to do to not only keep your site running and prosperous after the launch, but increase value so that you can dominate your marketplace - and charge the most premium of membership fee's to members who will never want to leave!
  He will also show you how to be the LEADER in your field, why you need to be the leader - and how to gain a following that wont stop buying your products.
And a lot more!


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Your No-Brainer 8-Weeks Money-Back Guarantee:

Try out my Membership Gold Rush Course for 8 full weeks. If you aren't making the easiest money you have ever made... if you donít get 5, 10 even 20 times your investment back (or more) in automated income... if the you struggle to apply the easy strategies, basically handed to you on a silver platter... if you don't think this is the biggest bargain in internet marketing history, just email me and I'll give you a complete and painless refund of your complete purchase price!

How's that for taking all the risk. I just ask that you actually implement at least some of the strategies, tactics and tips you learn. Don't let your fear stand in the way of your success - get out there and do it!



How can I offer such an incredible guarantee?

Well - just think about this...

How Easy Is It To Make An Extra $1000 A Month?

Do the math, just for a sec... If you have free to join membership site with content people are looking for. How hard would it be get 100 new members a month?

Piece of cake right!?

Let's say you show these 100 people an upsell offer on a one off $97 upgraded membership.

A very conservative estimate would be that around 10% would take you up on it.

And hey presto that's an easy $1000 extra a month, just from one free to join website.

Of course, the one off $97 upgrade strategy is just one of the 14 techniques that I will show you to monetize your sites - and not only to do it with this one site - but... to replicate this system over and over again....

So! What are you waiting for!



YES Cindy, Let Me In Right Now!

I Want To Secure MY Access To Membership
Gold Rush, And Get Instant Access Today

I Understand I'll Be Given Access To All Of Your Secret Strategies, Tips And Techniques So That I Can Generate My Own Monthly Automated Membership Site Income. All Of The Modules, Project Creation Gold Files And Tools Will Be Given To Me Minutes From Now.


I Also Understand That If I Order Today, I Will Receive The Three Bonus Reports At No Extra Cost!


So, With That In Mind, Please Let Me In At This Insane Investment Of Just $497 $197 $97 $37 For Full Premium Access To ALL Of The Content In This Site And I'll Never Have To Pay Another Cent Even If You Decide To Turn This Site Into A Recurring Monthly Membership!


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Now that you know just how beneficial this package can be, I urge you to order NOW before the price goes up.  I have been resisting the urge to turn this into a monthly subscription for access... so jump in before I change my mind - and get full access to any new, updated or revised content forever!

Cindy Battye

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